I’ve been collecting model horses since the mid-2010’s, when at age four I asked my parents for a horse and they bought me two plastic ones. I still have those two… Only now they have plenty of friends here! My first Breyer was a Grey Appaloosa Family Stallion. I became a Breyer collector when my grandmother presented me with another model, and I discovered it was the same as Apples, only in a lucrea white color. I remember incredulously thinking, “They make them in more than one color?!?!?” I named him luCrea, and despite the broken leg he came to me with, both he and his spotted brother remain in my collection. And yes, I still give every new model a name, although with 1,300 on the shelves, it’s getting harder to come up with them!

animalsets started in 2012, by a happy accident. A good friend (the one who had been responsible for teaching me about model showing, in fact!) asked if I’d help her sell some of her collection on eBay. We started out that way, but quickly realized that eBay fees were eating up her profits, and since we’d already begun to acquire a loyal following of customers, we set up animalsets.com to sell directly to collectors. My husband had recently had a negative experience buying models for me online, so we recognized the need for a retired-Breyer dealer with great customer service and honest listing practices. That became our mission statement for Triple Mountain: “Integrity in all things,” and is how we’ve grown to become one of the world’s largest and most trusted sources for retired models.

From that one collection for sale, we’ve grown to currently list models from twenty consignors, and keep a list of several more who are waiting for a slot to open, so that we can sell their models for them. Consignors benefit from a “set it and forget it” sale – All they have to do is get the models to us (and sign the agreement), and we do all the work, sending them a check at year-end. We benefit from a huge and varied inventory that insures there’s always something of interest available for collectors, and new items going live every Friday evening.

As collectors ourselves, we’re active in collector groups on Facebook and hobby sites, so we’re always in touch with what collectors want when purchasing online or in person. This has driven us to come up with innovative policies and programs never before seen in the industry. Trust is a huge hurdle when buying collectibles online, so we spend almost 30 minutes on each model that we list, writing a detailed inspection report and photographing them from multiple angles. It’s the next best thing to being here yourself! We even insure consistency by having every single retired model inspected by the same person.