Payment and Shipping

Here you’ll find all key details about shipping, payment, return and delivery times.

Delivery times
Found your favorite figure? Then you’ll have it in your hands within 7 to 30 working days of placing your order, unless otherwise noted. In exceptional cases, your chosen product may no longer be in stock when we come to process your order. If that happens, we’ll let you know straight away.

Payment methods
Money makes the world go round – and you’ll need it for your order too. We offer two different payment options: credit card and PayPal.

Your pony lost its head en route to you? Or you don’t get on with the aggressive rhino?

In rare cases like these, you can return your order to us free of charge. Request a print label here to print at home.

In the sad event that you’d like to return your new animal figure or individual items from your order with the mail coach, then please follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure your angry rhino still has its product label and hasn’t torn it off. Otherwise, we won’t be able to identify it.
  2. Complete the return form and place it in the parcel with the rhino.
  3. All securely packed? Stick the return label on the package.
  4. The completed customs declaration form (CN23) and a copy of the original invoice must be attached to the package in a transparent envelope.
  5. Give the package with the return form to your nearest carrier pigeon.
    Once the rhino reaches us, we’ll arrange your refund. It can take up to 15 days to be credited to your account.

To make sure your new animal figure hasn’t already settled in at their new home, we have a return deadline of 14 days. You can return your order within this period.

Your playset is missing a part or some parts are broken? The busy bees in our consumer service team will be happy to help.

Notes on current product availability
Just like the entire global market, we are also struggling with two unpleasant consequences of the coronavirus pandemic: container bottlenecks and shortages of raw materials. We are using all the means at our disposal to ensure that the resulting supply problems are kept to an absolute minimum. With extra shipments, e.g. by rail, and the increased capacities of our suppliers, we are organising additional deliveries every day.

Although we agree raw material requirements with our suppliers up to two years in advance and have set aside large stockpiles until the end of 2022, there are still shortages of some materials. This is also leading to delays in production itself.

Due to the extremely fraught situation with logistics and raw materials worldwide, animalsets deliveries to retailers will be delayed in the coming weeks and months. We deeply regret this and are focusing all of our efforts on developing new processes to better cope with the situation in the long term. Among other things, we would like to have far more regional production for our main markets than ever before. This will enable us to get our products onto the shelves more quickly from our suppliers.

These measures, however, will not take effect in time for the 2021 Christmas wish lists. Sadly, we therefore assume that individual sets and characters will not be available in time. This primarily applies to our popular new products, which have also been in high demand in previous years. However, the majority of animalsets products, including most individual characters, are available.